Mediation and Arbitration


In the course of my forty-six tears of practicing law, I negotiated, settled, arbitrated, litigated and mediated thousands of claims. Those matters have ranged from under $1,000.00 to well in excess of $100,000.00.  Most of those matters related to real estate, including disputes between sellers, buyers, contractors, brokers and lenders.

In recent years, I have served as the Mediator with respect to a number of pending litigation files. I am a Rule 114 qualified neutral.  I am confident my many years of experience provide a perspective which can be quite helpful in assisting the parties to reach a resolution.

Additionally, I have arbitrated scores of disputes, both as a lawyer and as an arbitrator.  Those arbitrations have involved claims by commercial and residential property buyers, commission disagreements between brokers and general real estate disputes.

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John H. Brennan
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